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Contract Negotiations

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Businesses turn with confidence to the law office of Amanda B. Cook, Attorney-at-Law for results-oriented advice regarding the negotiation of contracts.

We’re located in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Negotiated & Set in Stone

Amanda B. Cook brings the benefit of many years of business and legal experience to bear on each client’s legal matter.

She handles a variety of contract-related services, including:

  • Contract drafting
  • Reviewing
  • Rendering opinions
  • Negotiating agreements
  • Final stage of signing the contract

Outsourcing Negotiations

It’s your investment, protect it wisely.

Getting what you need out of your agreements is critical to the success of your business.

Sometimes it requires a trained negotiator with experience in contract law to hammer out the details, while also protecting your interests and minimizing your risks.

Additionally, outsourcing the negotiation of your contracts allows you to focus your expertise on core business functions and processes, rather than getting bogged down with legal matters.

Contracts & the Law

Attention to Detail

At the law firm of Amanda B. Cook, Attorney-at-Law, our attention to detail is your piece of mind.

Contracts are legally binding agreements, making it crucial that small business owners hire a contract attorney with dependable and proven negotiating strategies.

Contractual errors, even if they result from honest mistakes, have the potential to create serious problems for your business.

The Law of Contracts has very specific rules that can cause results which might not be clear from the language of the agreement you sign.

By providing clarity in contracting, we help prevent unwanted and expensive litigation.

Settlement Negotiations

In the civil justice system today, most claims and lawsuits are resolved through negotiation long before a jury is ever seated. [1]

Regardless of what the initial motivation or driving emotion is, the ultimate remedy that our civil justice system provides is the compulsory payment of monetary compensation where appropriate.

At the end of the day both parties must make a decision about money – a largely business decision that involves deciding how much money, if any, should be paid to avoid further expense and/or the risk of an adverse judgment.

Every case has a “golden moment” where a litigant has the maximum leverage and ability to settle the case on the most favorable terms.

In order to take advantage of that moment, having an experienced negotiator on your side is an absolute necessity.

Dispute Resolution

In a dispute resolution setting, bringing an experienced and skilled negotiator to the table is the best decision you can make.

Having a professional negotiate on your behalf has many advantages, which include:

  • Maximizing your interests and negotiating power
  • Avoiding risky and uncertain trial outcomes
  • Influencing the outcome of your mediation

We invite you to schedule a discounted initial consultation with Amanda B. Cook to discuss your contract-related questions and concerns.

Be sure to ask about our fixed attorney’s fees for most contract-related legal services.

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