Marketing & Media

Generally, marketing laws are governed by the Federal Trade Commission.

These laws can potentially impact many areas of your business, including how you label your products, how you conduct email and telemarketing campaigns, any health and environmental claims you may make, as well as how you advertise to children. We have up-to-date knowledge of how your business advertising needs to comply with the most current regulations.

Media Law ranges from Constitutional rights to specific Federal and state statutes that regulate telecommunications and print sources.

We have current knowledge and experience with several topical issues that face advertisers, publishers, broadcasters, and bloggers today, including online speech, SLAPP lawsuits, national security, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, reporter’s shield laws, defamation, and publicity rights.

If you have been threatened with a lawsuit regarding your advertising practices, or if you have been intimidated with the threat of a speech-dampening lawsuit, call us today at (334) 356-7879 to schedule a consultation, or fill out the form below to request that we contact you.

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