Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial Property Law in Montgomery

As a local lawyer familiar with the way local legal customs and statutes operate, Amanda B. Cook, Attorney-at-Law is available for all your commercial real estate law needs.

Whether your transaction is simple or complex, Amanda is up to the challenge and ready to help you.

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Representing Your Interests

As a property owner, it’s in your best interest to be well-represented in commercial real estate law.

That’s where Amanda B. Cook can help by walking you through your upcoming transaction and helping it go off without a hitch.

Here to Counsel & Serve You

Invest in your financial future by contacting Amanda B. Cook’s commercial real estate law service.

Whether you are negotiating over commercial real estate or dealing with a legal issue that has arisen over a previous agreement, we have the knowledge necessary to negotiate the deal or litigate the issue for your best benefit.

We serve our clients with respect to:

  1. Landlord-tenant issues
  2. Commercial lease agreements
  3. Tax sales, redemption, and applications for excess funds
  4. Mechanics liens
  5. Easement and access issues
  6. Title issues
  7. Financing
  8. Developer partnerships
  9. Zoning and planning issues
  10. SmartGrowth and SmartCode Zoning
  11. Sustainability practices
  12. LEED Certification
  13. Collections
  14. Construction
  15. Land Use issues
  16. Environmental
  17. Permitting
  18. Leases (Drafting and Litigating)
  19. Mineral Rights
  20. Partition and sale
  21. Fraud
  22. Foreclosures
  23. Deeds and warranties

There are many other issues that can arise that revolve around Commercial Real Estate use and purchase.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help you through every step of the way. Contact Montgomery real estate lawyer Amanda B. Cook to schedule a consultation.

Client Testimonial

Customer testimonial rating

Latoria B. Client Montgomery, AL May 6, 2015

Amanda Cook did a great job in representing me both effectively and professionally. In our first meeting Amanda spelled out our strategy and executed it perfectly. I would recommend Amanda for any legal situation where you want a fair legal outcome! I could not have asked for a more caring and knowledgeable Attorney.”

Response from Amanda B. Cook, Attorney-at-Law:

“Thank you so much for the compliments! I certainly enjoyed working with you, as well. Tell your friends and family about us. We handle contracts, real property disputes, and intellectual property/business disputes. I’m so glad we could be of service.”

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